Ricco (TV Series) Lists of Episodes.

Ricco (TV Series) (Lists of Episodes) Directors Written by Dates Notes
"Earl's Day" Phil Derrick Shaniel Swaby Mayo & Phil Derrick April 25, 2018 (U.S Releasing) Ricco's finds his family reuniting with his uncle Earl after his brother died.
"Back from Flower's" Ron Howard Phil Derrick & Chloe Walter April 26, 2018 (U.S Releasing) Ricco's meets his friend Erickson after the day to go class.
"Brought to a Milk" Phil Derrick Joseph Swaby & David Schwartz April 27, 2018 (U.S Releasing) Ricco thinks about his pasts after meeting his auntie juile wants to marry to Earl.
"Cousin Oliver Party" Ron Howard TBA TBC Ricco's meets his cousin Oliver from Dayton FL.
"Back Fry It" Phil Derrick & Arley Swaby Phil Derrick & David Schwartz March 24, 2018 Ricco's cousin bullied him after his past, named Taylor then his maternal grandfather.

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